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Foundation For A Drug Free World


Donate Today!

After decades of war and poverty, strife and many other problems infecting our country… Liberians have decided to change their fate!


Many people are working on societal change in many different ways! For the hard-working men and women who work for Hope for Destitute Kids: Liberia/West Africa… We are a volunteer organization with the goal and purpose to help take care of our most vulnerable… Those that are not capable of taking care of themselves… Our children.


The way we are able to fund our various aid and support programs is through the donations of wonderful donors like you!


Any and all donations go to helping ensure that our children have a better future! As a matter of fact, a great example of this is the fact that for $10 dollars a day, you can help feed a child 3 meals for that day!


So please look in your heart and donate whatever you have available! Any and all donations are gladly accepted, and go to a brighter future for the wonderful children under our care.

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Contact Us for more information on our programs and how you can help as a volunteer. 


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