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Foundation For A Drug Free World


For many years, Liberia has been a harsh landscape that did not offer the children of this country much in the way of education, feeding and clothing them… All basic necessities that all children deserve as a basic human right!


With the help of generous benefactors, and the administration of a wonderful staff of caring volunteers, we are able to offer these wonderful children the opportunity to be involved in many great programs and opportunities that they might not already have!


We currently administer much-needed programs such as: education for children of all ages, ‘clothing’ and, ‘feeding’ them, and ensuring they have ‘safe and clean drinking’ water… And so much more!


And in a nation that has been torn apart by war and violence, we offer an important  series of programs designed to help educate our kids on, ‘Human Rights’, what they are, what they mean… As well as general human rights issues. 


Another important program we administor is drug education and the harm these drugs cause to the body and the effects they can have on the people around them! 

Our Education Program

Educating children and youths helps break general cycles of illiteracy and poverty.

This program aids orphans, disabled children and other destitute children by enrollment into various institutions of learning.

We depend on you, our generous donors to educate these children, as education is the bedrock of any nation. $125.00USD will help pay tuition, purchase shoes and notepads for a child each academic year.

Some Of Our Students

Cynthia-Care Health Initiative

This program seeks to pay medical bills for orphans, disable and other poor children who are sick and at the point of dying because the parents are unable to afford medical bills.


We partner with medical team from home and abroad to provide free medical services for children under ten(10) years.


This program is in honor of a seven years old girl name Cynthia Zar, who passed off October 28, 2020 after undergoing four surgeries at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. She was diagnosed of Intestinal Typhoid Perforation. Cynthia would have survive if there was a good healthcare system and very train medical practitioners.

Cynthia-Care Health Initiative In Action


Our Program To Feed The Children Under Our Care

This program was established since our inception in 2014 to feed starving children. Let no child go to bed hungry. With your support, we can feed more children


COVID -19 brought new awareness to a long-standing international issue in developing nations around the world! Mass hunger, as families suffered record levels of economic hardship and the capacity for families to be able to feed their children became more and more difficult to be able to provide the basics for families to be able to feed their children!.


And when you generously donate $5.00 USD in support of this wonderful program, our program is able to help make sure the children in our care are not only well-fed, but are given healthy, nutritious meals!

Our Food Program In Action

Our Drug Prevention Program

Our drug prevention program focuses on the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse and its resulting criminality.

We use the truth about drugs campaign materials to educate thousands of our youthful population, including children.


Our program targets schools, communities, churches and mosques.


This program was started in 2018. Since we initiated this program, we have distributed forty-thousands booklets among schools, communities, churches and mosques.  Every year, we target 25 schools. The result has been really good, given that Liberians fought 14 years of a massive civil conflict and the aftermath of the crisis still exist.


Many of the schools we work with students are now cooperating with staffs, but more need to be done.

Our Drug Prevention Program At Work

Our Human Rights Program

The purpose of this program is to teach the youth in Liberia about human rights, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace.

After several years of fighting in the massive civil disturbance that had gripped Liberia for 14 years, it is easy to begin to forget about the need for human rights, and just general peace & tolerance for one’s fellow man!

This has made this program extremely important, as we are training potentially the next generation of human rights ambassadors.

One of the ways we do this, is that we distribute materials related to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to school children, youth and adults.


Our Human Rights Program In Action

Our Annual Christmas Event

The Christmas party is an annual event designed to put smiles on the faces of underprivileged children during the festive seasons. This even takes place every 25th of December in different locations of the Country.

During the party, the children sing songs, recite Bible verses, performed drama, play games, dance, etc. at the end, gifts are distributed, with each child taking away a box or a bag full of gifts.

For a country that is recovering from the 14-year civil disturbance… A country that has come out of this civil disturbance putting all it has in to rebuilding our shattered country. We rally our donors/supporters to make this annual event a massive success every year by donating bags full of gifts, boxes full of gifts or money, etc…

Pictures From Previous Christmas Events


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